Sunday, February 14, 2016


Just in time for Valentine’s Day ~ #NewRelease from Sable Hunter
A Hot & Spicy Valentine (A Valentine Novella)
Just #99CENTS on #Amazon:

*IMPORTANT - NOTE THAT THIS SHORT NOVELLA WAS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN THE FIVE HEART ANTHOLOGY. A novel will be published in 2016 that will tell the rest of Seth and Riley's story.

Seth Wilder is man-candy – tall dark and handsome – a man of few words. As the boss and owner of Bayou-Burn, which grows Louisiana’s famed hot and spicy peppers; Seth doesn’t advertise that he stutters when he speaks. But when he sees the delectable Riley Jacobs being harassed by a local bully, he doesn’t hesitate to voice his displeasure.
Riley was just about to give up on love. Even though she had slimmed down, no one in her small town could see her as any different – they still treated her as if she was shy, awkward and overweight. Tired of being alone, she’s made up her mind to quit her job as factory nurse and move away from Egret Island if this Valentine’s Day proves to be as big a disappointment as all of the others in her life.
But when Seth comes to her rescue, he satisfies every craving Riley has ever had. Seth’s touch is hot – his kisses are spicy – and this Valentine’s Day might prove to be perfect after all.

**Content Warning: Contains explicit content.18+ Audience ONLY**

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